secrets of girls boys never know

5 top secrets of girls boys never know

Her chat history: Girls are also quite flirtatious. They often hang many people in expectation and always have one of those as favorite. You know why your girlfriend never initiates conversation. Yes she already has many many jokers every where entertaining her. More than you can even imagine!

Love proposals : Girls get proposed almost every where. People are following them like mad (Off course for only ‘one’ thing!). They always have secret closet and saved screen shots of those proposing morons. One disclaimer here. If girls are over whelmed by those messages or one liners, please calm down a bit. Men use the same line for at least 10 other girls!

Sexual Fantasies : Girls live in fantasies. Yes they have a lot of sexual fantasy (More than men). To a girl the ‘act’ is not that important than the ‘stage’ part.They never say it, never but want it like hell. They want to be touched, kissed, massaged,licked and what not. Some times they liked to be spanked also!. Girls fantasize about sex in the rocks, sea shore, terrace, kitchen,cars,garages and what not. But again, they are more interested in the ‘drama’ than the climax.The journey is the destination as far as girls and sex is concerned.

Fine Actors : Girls are in born actors.They can play dumb to your ‘loudest’ clue to them about your interest. They take your interest and sit back with it!. They can ACT dumb on many other situations also. They are masters in hiding their feelings. The reason is that they take time to trust you. Every one is doing the same for them everywhere. You need to stick longer with them to prove your love. They are very much aware that you said the same pick up lines to every second girl you met!
Their ‘score’ : As a rule of thumb men double and women halve. If you had one girl friend previously, you will say ‘I had two’. If she had two boy friends, she will say one!.
Women have two layers. One beneath their skin and another beneath that!