Top 10 marvel weapons

Top 10 MCU Superheros weapons ranked by

10. Scepter

The Infinity Stone provided the Scepter with such diverse abilities as energy projectile explosions, changing thoughts of the mind, enabling teleportation via the teseract, allowing astral projection, and mental communication.

9. eye of agamotto

The eye is a weapon of knowledge that can radiate a powerful mystical light that helps Strange see all events and illusions, to see past and future events, and their mental or magical emissions from both ethereal and corporeal beings. Allows to track. Time reverse also

8. Wakanda Suit

The Black Panther suit can also use Holopods, which were designed by Wakandan Black Panther Suit is made of Marvel’s strongest material vibranium. The Wakanda Suit can withstand powerful attacks and store and use the energy it attacks on itself.

7. web shooter

Spider-Man’s web shooter is very strong. In Infinity War, Spider-Man tied Aqua Man with a web shooter. Teny Stark has updated Spider-Man’s suit ever since and the web shooter has become more full of power.

6. Mjolnir

Majolnir is Marvel’s most popular weapon. Mjolnir offers his boss the ability to control the base elements of a storm, rain, wind, thunder, lightning and more (although Thor can control them by himself, it seems that Mujolir controls his base elements. Increases capacity. A storm).

5. Captain America’s shield

Captain America’s shield is more than a symbol of patriotism, it is also a very effective defensive and offensive weapon. In fact, it is so powerful and durable that it can withstand a punch from the Hulk or even endure Thor’s Majonir’s attack. In the Endgame movie, Thanos breaks the captain’s shield.

4. iron man armor

iron man armor is Marvel’s most dangerous wapono. Tony Stark’s armor is so advanced that it can tuck any weapon into Marvel. The iron man battles Thor with his armor, defeating Captain America and the Hulk. Avengers endgame also has the Infinite Stone fit in his armor and snap.

3. thanos sword

Thanos’s blade is considered very powerful in Marvel because this blade broke Captain America’s shield. Among Guardians of the Galaxy, Korath described Thanos as “the most powerful being in the universe”. While he was slightly exaggerating in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame Thanos, he proved that he was nowhere wrong. The Mad Titan easily defeated the Hulk without needing an Infinity Stone and proved more than a match for the combined strength of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America in Avengers: Endgame. Only two Marvel heroes – the Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel – were able to threaten him.

2. Stormbreaker

Stormbreaker is the most popular weapon of Marvel movies. Is able to concentrate and increase Thor’s powers. Being made of Uri, this weapon is non-indestructible and is capable of withstanding energy blasts created by Infinity Spheres.

1. Infinity stones

The Infinity stone is the most dangerous weapon of Marvel movies. A lot of Marvel superheroes get power from Infinity Stones.
If you put six stones together in a gauntlet, then in a snap, people from all over the world can die and can also be alive and can create a new world with Infinity Stones.

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