jobs in finland 2021

Jobs In Finland 2021 : With approximately 180,000 islands and over 188,000 lakes, Jobs In Finland 2021 is a country of breathtaking natural beauty. It is home to the midnight sun, which is the permanent sunrise throughout June and July.

Despite an average 40-hour working week, you’ll enjoy a high standard of living with its emerald green forests, beautiful landscape, and ample time to explore the waters. Most workers get five to six weeks of annual leave, compared to the introduction of flexible work two decades ago.

Jobs In Finland 2021
Jobs In Finland 2021

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll fit right in – the Finnish are famous caffeine fanatics, with each Finn consuming an average of 12kg of coffee per year.

Jobs In Finland 2021

Jobs In Finland 2021 market has traditionally been dominated by manufacturing, with its main exports being machinery, paper and wood products, electrical equipment, optical instruments and vehicles.

The country’s technology and IT industry has now become its largest sector and is considered a major European technical centre. Led by Nokia, which was a huge player in the early days of mobile phones and now focuses on network equipment, software and services, the technology represents more than half of Finnish exports.

Popular Graduate Jobs

Start your job search by visiting the Work in Jobs In Finland 2021 and European Job Mobility Portal (EURES).

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Finland faces future labor shortages, as the current generation of workers within its population of 5.5 million is not qualified to fill the shoes of the soon-to-be-retired Baby Boomer generation.

A survey by Finland’s Technology Industries, which questioned 350 companies representing nearly a third of all businesses in the sector, found that the tech industry will need 53,000 workers by 2021. Digitization, artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics are the key areas. Where skilled workers are most needed.

The healthcare sector – covering roles such as medical practitioners, dentists and speech therapists – has also taken a hit, where there is a dire demand for qualified nurses.

Teaching, social work and counseling and business and administration sectors are also facing shortages.

To add to this, the Association of Professional Engineers in Jobs In Finland 2021 has reported that three-quarters of businesses employing engineers have faced recruitment issues.

Rapid advances in technology mean that even recent graduates do not have the skills required for these roles, which has opened the door to international workers.

Therefore, if you are qualified or looking for work in any of these fields, you will be highly respected by Finnish employers.

how to find Jobs In Finland 2021

It’s best to start looking for work before you leave. There are lots of ways to do this:

Finland’s employment advisory service for international workers, TE-palvelut, offers an online job search service. Use filtered search to display English speaking opportunities.

The European Commission provides its job mobility portal EURES, which can be used by citizens of the European Union (EU) to find work in other member countries.

You can use recruitment sites like Monster and EuroJobs to see what’s on offer.

Social media is a big part of recruitment in Jobs In Finland 2021. Find out how your online presence can help you with your job search.

Many jobs are not publicly advertised. Sending speculative applications to the companies you want to work for is a great way to make a good first impression and demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to finding work.

If you wait until you arrive in Finland looking for a job, you will find vacancies advertised in the local and national press as well as on television.

It is important that your CV and cover letter are written according to the finish standards:

Your CV should be a maximum of two pages, easy to read and effective to view – list your relevant employment and experience in reverse chronological order, and do not exaggerate or exaggerate it.

Your cover letter should be at most one page and be tailored to the specific employer — you won’t get away with sending multiple copies to multiple companies.

Expat-Jobs In Finland 2021 provides CV and cover letter advice to give you an idea of ​​what to aim for.

For more information on how to become self-employed or become a business partner, visit Expat Finland – Setting up a Business in Finland.

summer jobs

See TE-palvelut – Job Searching for guidance on how to secure summer work in the country. On the site, you can search for summer vacancies.

Alternatively, you can complete a volunteer placement to develop your skills, improve your Finnish, and adopt the country’s culture.

The Finnish branch of the Service Civil International (SCI), the Consenvalinen Vapaehtoistori (KVT), organizes short-term volunteer work camps.

Typically lasting two weeks (although some projects last as long as 12 months), they aim to support local initiatives while promoting equality, social acceptance and respect for the environment. You will need to pay the coordination fee, and sort out your own visa (where appropriate).

teaching job

There are many opportunities to teach English as a second language in Finland. It is a less popular ESL learning destination, so there are more job opportunities in urban areas such as Tampere, Turku and the capital Helsinki.

You’ll find opportunities in private and international schools, and you won’t need to be fluent in Finnish or Swedish to teach English – it’s better to create a strictly English-speaking classroom environment.

The minimum entry requirements for teaching English in Jobs In Finland 2021are a bachelor’s degree and a Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate. Different schools may have their own requirements, so check before applying. Explore qualifications further by reading our advice on teaching English abroad.

an internship

Finnish employers expect graduates to have relevant experience before hiring them. Internships and summer work placements can provide a gateway to employment.

Student placement can be arranged by:

  • AIESEC UK – for students and recent graduates
  • IAESTE UK – for students of science, engineering, technology and applied arts.

10 Steps to Working and Living in Finland

1. Find information about working in Finland at the Work in Finland web-site. See also, for example, the open positions of jobs on the Jobs In Finland 2021 web-site or the European employment services web-site.

Firms specializing in job recruitment can be found on the Internet, and there are job advertisements in Finnish newspapers and their websites.

2. Find out what permits you will need to live and work in Finland on the Finnish Immigration Service website.

3. Do you need recognition of your educational qualification? In Finland, accreditation decisions are taken by the competent authorities, educational establishments, higher education institutions and employers.

For regulated businesses you will need a decision issued by the prescribed competent authority. For the healthcare sector, applications must be addressed to the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health, known by its Finnish abbreviation, Valvira.

4. To find a place to live and open a bank account, first go to your employer, who will be able to guide you to local services.

Regarding integration and language matters, children’s schooling, health care and social security, contact the local authorities in your new home municipality.

Information Finland has a page about this, and more information about municipalities is available on the Association of Finnish Municipalities website. Social Security is managed by the Social Insurance Institution, better known by its Finnish abbreviation Banana.

5. What should you bring and what are you allowed to bring with you to Finland? Check out the Finnish Customs website.

6. Foreigners residing in Finland for one year or more (and in some cases planning to stay there for less than one year) are required to register with the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. You can find a list of their service locations here.

7. Is your driving license valid in Finland? Ask the police or the Finnish Vehicle Administration for details.

8. Does an immigrant have to pay tax, and how is it done? Find out on the website of the tax administration.

9. Will you need further education, or Finnish language courses? Explore the options on study information and study in Finland websites.

10. What is life like in Finland? This Finland provides some basic information, but you can also try or Info Bank (the latter appears in 12 languages).

Ever thought of working in the happiest country in the world? Right now, it is also a great career option.

Finland has a vibrant innovation ecosystem, a booming startup scene and one of the leading ICT and gaming industries in the world. We provide a plethora of work opportunities in ICT, Gaming and other sectors.

The Finnish ICT industry has an impressive track record of world-changing innovations, including modern mobile messaging, 5G mobile data, and the Linux operating system. Currently, Finnish companies are developing technologies for example in 5G, 6G, AI and industrial IoT.

With decades of knowledge and tons of talent, Finland is one of the best places in the world to develop sports. Finnish gaming studios include globally renowned names such as Supercell, Rovio, NextGames and Remedy Entertainment.

Voted as the best country in skill development, working in Finland helps you advance your career across all industries. And employee-friendly working hours mean you can enjoy an excellent work-life balance. Nature is close to everyone in Finland.

If you have kids, Finland is the right choice for you. Finland offers a world-class education system and a safe, healthy society.