How to Delete Youtube Videos History 2022

How to Delete Youtube Videos History 2022. What is the purpose of social media networks collecting your personal information so they can provide you with content and advertisements you will enjoy?

Delete Youtube Videos History
Delete Youtube Videos History

You may be concerned about your privacy even if your data is collected to provide you with the content you want.

It is not an exception that the YouTube app gathers a lot of information about you, including information on your watch. In other words, YouTube knows everything you’ve watched.

The YouTube app makes it easy for you to remove any watched video history you may have just with the click of a button. How you can accomplish it will be explained in this article.

Let’s get started!

How to delete youtube videos history on YouTube App?

You can delete the history of videos watched in the YouTube App following  these steps:

  1. If you haven’t done so yet, open up YouTube and log in;
  2. You can access your profile picture by clicking on it at the top-right corner of the screen;
  3. Choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu;
  4. Choosing “History and privacy”;
  5. Choose “Clear watch history”. One more time, click the “Clear watch history” button. That’s it. YouTube has deleted your watch history!
  6. YouTube will also stop collecting future watch histories if you toggle the switch next to “Pause watch history”. That’s how it works! You will no longer be able to see your watch history on YouTube.

You should be able to delete your YouTube App watched videos history after following this guide. Feel free to ask any additional questions related to this topic in the comments section!

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