How to Delete a YouTube Channel easily and permanently in 2022: Powerful tips

How to Delete a YouTube Channel easily and permanently in 2022: Step-By-Step. YouTube became an ocean for video platforms for more than a decade. Lots of people create their accounts and upload videos to educate people and post their original video content.

And many other millions use it to listen to music, to entertainment themselves, and mostly learning. The Facility of saving videos in the playlist grants people to organize content personally. You are free to choose from thousands of hours of videos on YouTube.

Delete a YouTube Channel
How to Delete a YouTube Channel easily and permanently in 2022: Step-By-Step

You may feel like you are spending much more time watching YouTube. In this situation, it’s your choice to clean through deleting your youtube account permanently.

Many people prefer to amend how many accounts they have online, and the first thing to start is by disclosing what websites you have accounts with. You also may like to do this as part of an attempt to delete your online presence or Delete a YouTube Channel.

When working to fix the digital legacy of a dead friend or family member, you might prefer to delete their YouTube channel, too. This would be a sharp option for ending commenting and responses to the old videos which they’ve posted earlier. 

How to  Delete a YouTube Channel easily and permanently in 2022

How to Delete a YouTube Channel easily and permanently in 2022. When you want to delete a YouTube channel, first you should download videos or playlist information from your account.

It may be that you feel sad deleting all videos later, so having had a digital copy is smart. The biggest fanda of the deletion is that you can’t restore your old videos or comments. You have to make sure you are ready then start to Delete a YouTube channel.

First of All go on the top right corner icon and select “Settings”

In your google web browser or other web browser on your YouTube page, in the top right-hand corner your profile picture will appear. If you didn’t set a photo for your profile earlier , it might be a single initial.

Here is the option “Settings.” So click on it then drop-down menu will appear. Start here.

Now go to advance setting and click on “View Advanced Settings” and select the “Delete Channel” option there.

In Youtube Channel The option to Delete a YouTube channel is in the depth of settings menu. Under your channel’s name, you can see a link for “View Advanced Settings.”

And the last option in this menu is “Delete Channel.” Just select it to proceed.

You should select “Permanently Delete” option not “Hide” option

On the appeared screen you will see two options one “Hide” and another Permanently Delete.  If you choose a hiding option, it will just hide your external presence, like comments and replies.

Your videos and playlists will be simply private. If you like to hide , you can choose “Hide,” but the main point is this does not remove all data from your account or not Delete a YouTube channel.

For removing all your data from your account, you should select the second option, “Permanently Delete.” Go next step by inputting your email for confirmation. YouTube will take a few more steps to assure that your data is not deleting without making your final decision. and after your final decision it will Delete a YouTube Channel.

It will take some time before your videos are removed

YouTube doesn’t delete your videos instantly when you request it for deletion. Youtube Slate your account for deletion at the moment that you select it.

Other users might have requested for deletion of videos, and to erase all videos  takes time. You have to stay a few days to completely disappear. After some days, you could search for your content and you would no longer see your videos on Youtube.

How to Delete a YouTube Channel if Someone Died

If you love someone’s content or video on Youtube and you’d like to have it taken down after their passing, you should fill a petition to Google and request to Delete a YouTube channel. Youtube has a perfect process to delete someone’s youtube account.

You should submit the request which matches your needs

Google has forms for communicating to help people who have died. If you are sure about deleting the account, you can submit this web form.

There are different forms for separate tasks, there is a separate form if your YouTube account has earned money that needs to be disbursed.

Google/YouTube will information you further

The support of YouTube will reach out to you after filling out the form. They will give you a confirmation message that the account has been deleted.

They will also send you for further information. You might or might not be given access to control data or money connected to the account. Give Instant response from Google or Youtube to make sure that you have closed accounts immediately. You can check our other post how to create youtube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions about Deleting a YouTube Channel: 

A YouTube channel can gather a huge amount of important information, so start your process about the specific subject with deep knowledge. I mean choose the subject you are a master about. You will succeed on Youtube with no doubt. Here are YouTubers some questions that they have asked commonly when deleting a channel.

How to delete any video from YouTube instantly?

It’s a simple way to delete a video, first of all open YouTube and select “My Channel” in the upper right corner. And then go to “YouTube Studio (Beta)” and click on “Videos” on the left-hand side of your screen. You would see a list of all the videos on your channel.

There will be a few options there with a three-stacked-dots icon. click these dots to delete the video you want to. The option to “delete” will appear. Click on it and remove that video.

How can I delete any video from YouTube channel on mobile?

You can not delete any video on your mobile devices. You will need a laptop or a desktop with google or any other browser. But here is a trick to delete youtube video on your mobile device, first of all go to your google chrome browser and click on the 3 dots on the upper right corner. And change mobile to desktop mode, now you can go to your “Youtube Studio (Beta)” and delete any video.

Can I temporarily deactivate a YouTube channel?

The best way for temporary deactivation of YouTube channels is the “hide” option. Your videos, playlists, and other content will hide only not removed. But your comments and replies will be removed. 

Your account will just go in a “private” mode, where others cannot see your work.

Life Without Your YouTube Channel

If you don’t use Youtube that much then you don’t need a channel. But on the other hand if you are too busy on comments on your videos or doing something on Youtube. Or no longer care, then you should your channel. 

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