How to Add or Change Video Thumbnail on YouTube 2022

Change Video Thumbnail. The first impression, People say, is the last impression. Packaging is important whether you’re buying something or returning it to the shelf. The outside picture has the power to give a negative or positive impression of what’s on the inside.

The same is true for videos we watch on OTT, particularly YouTube, which is why we’ve put up a post on How to Change YouTube Thumbnail. We’re all familiar with how Youtube creators create videos and then post them to the website for their followers to watch.

how to change video thumbnail
how to change video thumbnail

Making a good video script and adding stunning animations to make it more visually appealing takes a long time. Such videos frequently receive fewer views and have low engagement rates. But why is that? The answer can be found in a very little, yet crucial, component of any video marketing campaign: the video thumbnail.

What is a Thumbnail and why is it so important in a video?

A thumbnail is a small image that serves as a placeholder for a larger piece of multimedia information. Video thumbnails or images that are similar in size to what a person sees are called thumbnails. 

They’re little sample pictures that reflect your films and allow platforms to construct smaller, more easily viewed sites, giving visitors more flexibility over what they see.

YouTube enjoys greater than two billion monthly users, with millions of videos being uploaded every minute. It is the most popular digital activity online, and video consumption is increasing rapidly. YouTube creators have an extremely difficult time engaging viewers and convincing them to watch their videos. 

Having an attractive preview image increases clicks and views as well as engagements and new subscribers to your YouTube video. It’s like a new way to promote your video and attract viewers. You’ve probably seen this happen on YouTube when you’re viewing a video and then see a thumbnail that piques your attention, prompting you to click and watch.

These small pictures can help viewers pick what to watch and what to ignore, while also attracting additional visitors to your channel and making your material more appealing on YouTube.

When viewers are browsing, thumbnails are the first thing they see, and if the thumbnail doesn’t convey what’s inside the video, they’ll leave right away, limiting your video’s discoverability on YouTube.

Surprisingly, custom thumbnails are used in 90% of the top-performing YouTube videos. Making a thumbnail choice before you create a YouTube video helps you choose from a range of options when uploading the video. 

If you have a verified YouTube account, you can upload custom thumbnails or choose one of the three choices YouTube automatically generates. So let’s get started with our Guide on changing your YouTube thumbnail.

How to Change Video Thumbnail on YouTube

  • Sign in to YouTube Studio Beta
Change Video Thumbnail
Change Video Thumbnail
  • Select “Content” from the left menu and Click the Edit Option
Change Video Thumbnail
Change Video Thumbnail
  • Click the thumbnail or title of a video to select it
Change Video Thumbnail
Change Video Thumbnail
  • Choose an auto-generated thumbnail and click Save.

Creating a custom video thumbnail on YouTube

For new videos
  1. Uploads
    • You can upload a video by clicking the upload icon.
    • In the “Basic Info” tab of the upload process, you can select a Custom thumbnail.
  2. Live streams
    • Click on “Upload custom thumbnail” after clicking Go Live on the “New stream” screen.
For uploaded videos
  • Choose the video you wish to set as your custom thumbnail by clicking on its title or thumbnail, then choose “Custom thumbnail” and save.

We have now concluded our guide on How to Change Thumbnail on YouTube, but our journey has not yet ended and we will now discuss some pro tips.

Custom YouTube Video Thumbnail best practices

  1. The first and most important consideration is the thumbnail’s proper dimension and size. According to Google’s guidelines, the image should have a high resolution of at least 1280720 pixels. Other requirements include: 
    • An aspect ratio of 16:9
    • Please use one of the following image formats: JPG, BMP, GIF or PNG
    • Minimum width of 640 pixels
    • Size must be under 2MB limit
  2. Never use a fuzzy or distorted image because it will detract from the video’s overall quality and cause viewers to avoid viewing it.
  3. Instead of a little image, choose a clearer and closer-up image. Remember that your thumbnail will appear on YouTube and on devices of various sizes. In comparison to a small image, a larger image may be readily scaled down while maintaining picture quality.
  4. If you wish to add text to your thumbnail, be sure to use clear and bold fonts to make it easier to read. Avoid complex photos, images, and fonts that are small or fine as these become very difficult to read when scaled down.
  5. For a more appealing design, use images with high contrast and the right color palette.
  6. A logo on the upper left corner of the thumbnail will help you stand out.
  7. Never use a misleading thumbnail in order to increase likes. Instead, a thumbnail should accurately sum up the video.
  8. Conduct A/B tests to see which thumbnail generates the most clicks and views for your video.

YouTube Video Thumbnail Guidelines

YouTube’s Community Guidelines must be followed when creating custom video thumbnails. YouTube accounts with thumbnails containing sexually provocative, nudist, hateful, violent, or harmful content will be suspended.

If repeated offenses occur, custom thumbnail privileges will be removed for 30 days, and finally, the account will be terminated. You will receive an email notification after a breach of the Community Guidelines, and an alert in your “Channel Setting.” 

YouTube video thumbnails that have not violated any guidelines can be appealed. If you do have a thumbnail, it will only be restored if you don’t have another thumbnail. According to YouTube’s Community Guidelines, custom video thumbnails may be disabled for certain search results if they are inappropriate for users.

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