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Baaghi 3 Movie HD: The¬†greatest¬†downside¬†with Baaghi 3 is that there‚Äôs hardly any storyline¬†within the¬†movie. Sajid Nadiadwala’s adaptation is lame and it rests on a wafer-thin plot. What¬†has been an exhilarating thriller, with pulse-pounding moments,¬†finally ends up¬†being¬†an uneventful¬†saga, courtesy a half-baked screenplay(Farhad Samji) Since Baaghi 3 goes¬†past¬†the shores of India, director Ahmed Khan and his¬†crew¬†of writers(Sparsh Khetarpal, Tasha Bhambra, Madhur Sharma)¬†may be used their¬†creativeness¬†and packed the¬†movie¬†with moments¬†that may be made your jaws fall¬†in your¬†knees. Baaghi 3 is¬†a giant¬†movie¬†in all respects –¬†massive¬†stars,¬†massive¬†canvas,¬†massive¬†expenditure on VFX,¬†massive¬†expectations. Sadly,¬†it is a¬†massive,¬†massive,¬†massive¬†letdown as¬†properly.

Baaghi 3 Movie HD

Release DateMar 16, 2020
CastTiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor, Ritesh Deshmukh
DirectorAhmed Khan
MusicMeet Bros, Tanishk Bagchi, Rochak Kohli, Amaal Malik
ProducerSajid Nadiadwala
GenreAction, Thriller
Baaghi 3 movie HD free
Baaghi 3 movie HD free

The¬†expertise¬†with Baaghi 3 is like, you enter¬†a fancy¬†restaurant,¬†ready¬†for¬†a luxurious¬†meal to be served,¬†however¬†what’s served¬†in your¬†plate is vada-pao. Baaghi 3 takes you¬†again¬†to the 1970s Bollywood, when illogical¬†conditions, blood and gore, for no rhyme or¬†purpose,¬†have been¬†the principal¬†elements¬†that made the junta break into taalis. Sorry, the¬†method¬†does not¬†work anymore! Seriously, what¬†has been¬†director Ahmed Khan, Sajid Nadiadwala(story adaptation) and Farhad Samji(screenplay & dialogues)¬†pondering¬†after they¬†went¬†forward¬†with this apology of a script? It’s¬†completely¬†okay to pay homage to the masala¬†movies¬†of yore,¬†however,¬†the brand new¬†interpretation has to make some sense¬†at the least. The one¬†factor¬†that you just¬†notice¬†after watching Baaghi 3 is, no¬†quantity¬†of gloss, glam and top-notch stars can ever substitute for a riveting script. Great stars,¬†nice¬†styling and¬†nice¬†visuals work¬†so long as¬†the script is¬†nice.

Farhad Samji’s screenplay is¬†a whole¬†mess. In¬†reality, if¬†in any respect¬†there¬†could be¬†Razzies in Bollywood, Farhad Samji¬†must be¬†nominated proto for¬†developing¬†with a slipshod, brainless and witless screenplay. What saddens your¬†coronary heart¬†is¬†the truth that¬†Sajid Nadiadwala and Fox Star Studios, the producers of Baaghi 3, have spared no efforts in giving the¬†movie¬†a spectacular look. The¬†imaginative and prescient¬†is ideal,¬†however,¬†how about narrating an absorbing and attention-grabbing story? You¬†keep in mind¬†Baaghi 3 for its¬†hanging¬†visuals, not storyline. It’s like embellishing priceless and¬†treasured¬†jewels on a¬†model. The¬†struggle¬†turns into¬†too Bollywoodish¬†because the¬†hero eliminates¬†a complete¬†military¬†of terrorists, is¬†tough¬†to gulp! Perhaps, director Ahmed Khan’s intentions are¬†proper, to make a hard-hitting¬†movie¬†that marries realism and fiction¬†superbly,¬†however, the¬†writing indulges in too many cinematic liberties¬†and that is¬†exactly¬†why Baaghi 3 goes¬†astray.

Baaghi 3 Movie HD
Baaghi 3 Movie HD

However, lovers of¬†motion¬†fares are in for a¬†deal with,¬†because the¬†stunts,¬†motion¬†and chase sequences in Baaghi 3 are¬†actually¬†fascinating. Sure,¬†just a few¬†sequences aren’t for the faint-hearted,¬†however,¬†you’ll be able to assist¬†however¬†put your¬†palms¬†collectively¬†for these sequences and¬†the person¬†behind¬†these¬†death-defying stunts. Coupled with top-notch cinematography(Santhana Krishnan Ravichandran)¬†and classy¬†motion(Ram Chella-Laxman Chella, Kecha Khamphakdee) the¬†movie¬†begins to¬†develop¬†as reel after reel unspools. But, alas, the¬†movie¬†goes for a toss¬†within the¬†second hour. Things¬†really¬†stagnate¬†because the¬†hero turns into super-hero and combats¬†a military¬†of villains on land, sea and air. Director Ahmed Khan and his¬†crew¬†of writers¬†appear to have¬†substituted¬†motion¬†for¬†content material¬†and that is¬†essentially the most¬†obvious¬†flaw. In¬†reality,¬†you’re feeling¬†that the director and screenplay writers¬†should’ve¬†determined¬†to go on a¬†trip¬†within the¬†second hour, entrusting the¬†accountability¬†on the stunt¬†administrators¬†to conclude the second hour.

Baaghi 3 is soaked in high-voltage drama and¬†motion, with a¬†constant¬†undercurrent of¬†rigidity. As a matter of¬†reality, there’s an overdose of¬†motion¬†within the¬†movie,¬†although,¬†I have to¬†admit,¬†just a few¬†motion¬†items¬†are deftly executed. But the absence of a riveting and absorbing screenplay looms¬†massive¬†within the¬†post-interval¬†parts. Sure, some sequences do hit you¬†onerous,¬†however, the¬†writing tilts¬†closely¬†in the direction of¬†the been-there-seen-that¬†type of¬†conditions¬†persistently, promising little or no¬†shock¬†because the¬†plot unravels. The background¬†rating(Julius Packiam) enhances the¬†effect,¬†whereas¬†the dialogue(Farhad Samji) is power-packed at¬†occasions,¬†however¬†plain mediocre at¬†locations. The¬†movie‚Äôs music is¬†terrible¬†however¬†fortunately, there aren‚Äôt too many songs.

Director Ahmed Khan tries to camouflage the defect(lacklustre screenplay) with¬†trendy¬†execution, hair-raising stunts, eye-filling visuals,¬†however,¬†let’s not¬†overlook¬†that the moviegoer¬†desires¬†to¬†take heed to¬†a¬†fascinating¬†story¬†on the¬†finish¬†of the day. Everything else is secondary! The¬†movie¬†goes on and on and on with¬†undesirable¬†scenes galore(enhancing: Rameshwar S. Bhagat), the outdated love angle and the lenggggggthy¬†struggle¬†sequences. Director Ahmed Khan¬†appears¬†to have taken the¬†viewers¬†as a right. He has concentrated¬†extra¬†on giving the¬†movie¬†a slick look than narrating a gripping story and this¬†reality¬†reverberates at¬†a number of¬†factors¬†within the¬†movie. There’s no denying that Baaghi 3 bears the stamp of an upmarket product all¬†via,¬†however,¬†how one¬†needs¬†the director and the writers would’ve ensured that the¬†movie¬†has a power-packed screenplay¬†to supply¬†as¬†properly.

Baaghi 3 belongs to Tiger Shroff¬†fully. No two opinions on that. Take Tiger out of this¬†movie¬†and the movie is¬†a giant¬†zero. He’s the lifeline of this¬†challenge¬†and his¬†efficiency¬†shall be¬†liked¬†by the¬†plenty. Shraddha Kapoor¬†appears¬†beautiful¬†and acts very¬†properly. Riteish Deshmukh is relegated to the backseat. What did Riteish see¬†in this¬†position? Ankita Lokhande’s character lacks meat. Jackie Shroff and Vijay Varma are alright. Jaideep Ahlawat and Jameel Khoury evoke terror that one would¬†affiliate¬†with their characters. They are¬†incredible.

To sum up, Baaghi 3 is regressive cinema with a capital R. The¬†movie¬†has some engrossing moments¬†within the¬†first half,¬†which is¬†about it. The post-interval¬†parts¬†are an absolute downer. The plot is formulaic,¬†whereas¬†the screenplay is riddled with cinematic liberties. Fans of Tiger Shroff¬†would possibly¬†patronize the movie;¬†nonetheless, the aam junta¬†won’t¬†take a liking to it. At the box-office, the¬†movie¬†will embark on¬†a robust¬†begin,¬†however, it¬†does not¬†have the¬†deserves¬†to¬†maintain¬†after the¬†preliminary¬†curiosity subsides. Baaghi 3 fails as¬†a movie.